What To Expect During Your Visit

Your visit to our office is about you your comfort, your happiness, and your dental health.

We put in extra effort to make sure youre comfortable and receive the individual attention from Dr. O and the staff that you deserve.

Dental Office Nelson BC

A first visit usually focuses on some specifics, including:

  • Well discuss your dental and medical history.
  • Well perform some X-rays of your teeth and mouth.
  • Our skilled hygienist will provide a complete and gently cleaning so that your teeth and gums are in pristine condition when youre done./fusion_li_item]

Once Dr. O has reviewed your dental and medical health history forms, and completed your dental exam, he will provide you with a consultation, and information about any additional dental treatments you, or your child, may need.

Any questions you may have are welcomed. Dr. O and his staff are always available to listen to your concerns.

Remember to bring these things with you to your first dental appointment:

  • Your insurance card
  • Your dental appliances, such as mouth guards, or plates.
  • *if possible, have recent dental x-rays forwarded to our office before your appointment.